Pizza Napoletana

Written by Katie Parla on February 7, 2009

I lived in Naples for a month while working on the History Channel series Cities of the Underworld. We spent a lot of time shooting on (and under) Via dei Tribunali which is the center of the pizza universe; Di Matteo, I Decumani, Sorbillo and Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente are all within 200 yards of one another. I was in heaven. The only person who was more excited was our driver Chico. He would eat 2 or 3 pizzas a day, filling the front seat of our van with empty pizza boxes and greasy napkins. I’ll fess up to one a day but don’ t even ask how many espressi we downed during the shoot. Im still processing the caffeine. Without fail, on our way back to the hotel with a packed van and exhausted crew, he would pull up to Di Matteo, blocking the street, roll down his window and leisurely order one last pizza and some crocche’ to-go as horns blared behind us.

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