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Rome has its share of dimly conceived and poorly executed dining events that only seem interesting in a relative sense. Leave it to chefs Domenico Cortese and Sofie Wochner to change the game. Their brand new pop-up, The Eatery, is

a welcome addition to the city’s changing culinary landscape and would hold its own far beyond Roman borders. Domenico is the sous chef at the Rome Sustainable Food Project, while Sofie has cooked at Rose Bakery and Ballymaloe. Their next dinner (their second) will take place on Saturday February 22 at their apartment in Monteverde Vecchio, where 12 guests will be treated to a 4-course meal prepared with stellar local ingredients.

the eatery 2

The Eatery sources produce from Marco de Angelis’ farm on Via del Casaletto 450 (you might already know his fine biodynamic products–he supplies the Rome Sustainable Food Project and has a stall at the bi-monthly farmers’ market on Vicolo della Moretta near Via Giulia). Their free-range organic meat comes from Lo Spicchio (also used by the RSFP). Wine pairings will be curated by sommelier Litta Larsen.

For information, write to [email protected] or call +393454004683. Booking is obligatory and attendance costs €40, excluding wine.

Photo credit: Sofie’s Instagram feed.