Triple “A” Week in Rome Highlights Natural Wines

Written by Katie Parla on October 24, 2016


This week, 15 natural wine producers that are part of the Triple “A” movement will be featured in Rome in a series of tastings and events. The winemakers eschew chemical intervention in their vineyards and rely on naturally occurring yeasts (rather than lab yeast) for fermentation, an approach that allows the territory–rather than chemical manipulation–to inform the final product. Some of my favorite winemakers will be in town; I’m particularly in love with Čotar and Movia from Slovenia. Here’s a breakdown of who’s in town and what they are up to:

The Triple “A” Producers

Stefano Bellotti of Cascina degli Ulivi (Novi Ligure, Piemonte)
Gian Luigi Bera of Bera Vittorio & Figli (Canelli, Piemonte)
Ernesto Cattel of Costadilà (Tarzo, Veneto)
Elena Pantaleoni of La Stoppa (Rivergaro, Emilia)
Mauro Montanaro of Agricola Calafata (Lucca, Toscana)
Irene Carfagna of Vigneto Altura (Isola del Giglio, Toscana)
Francesco Arcuri of Azienda Agricola Sergio Arcuri (Cirò Marina, Calabria)
Valentino Dibenedetto of L’Archetipo (Castellaneta, Puglia)
Fabio D’Uffizi of Tenute Dettori (Sennori, Sardegna)
Arianna Occhipinti of Azienda Agricola Arianna Occhipinti (Vittoria, Sicilia)
Hans Czerny of Weingut Wimmer-Czerny (Wagram, Austria)
Aleš Kristančič of Movia (Brda, Slovenia)
Branko Čotar of Čotar (Kras, Slovenia)
Claudio Corallo of Cioccolato Claudio Corallo (São Tomé and Príncipe)

Triple “A” Dinners and Tastings (booking details here)

Monday October 24:
• Tenute Dettori at Ristorante Asian Inn (dinner)
• Cascina Degli Ulivi at La Barrique (aperitivo and dinner)
• Cioccolato Claudio Corallo at Ristorante Est Artigiani del Gusto (afternoon tasting)

Tuesday October 25:
• Cascina Degli Ulivi, L’Archetipo, Sergio Arcuri and Tenute Dettori at Da Cesare (wine tasting)
• Altura Vigneto and Agricola Calafata at Vigneto (afternoon tasting and dinner)
• Costadilà at Litro (afternoon tasting and dinner)
• Weingut Wimmer-Czerny, Weninger at Marzapane Roma (wine dinner)*

Wednesday October 26:
• L’Archetipo, Costadilà, and Agricola Calafata at Enoteca La Mescita (aperitivo)
• Altura Vigneto at Trattoria Epiro (wine dinner)*
• La Stoppa at La Ciambella Bar à Vin con Cucina (wine dinner)
• Cascina Degli Ulivi and Vittorio Bera & Figli at Litro (tasting followed by dinner)
• Weingut Wimmer-Czerny il Sorì (tasting followed by dinner)

Thursday October 27:
• La Stoppa and Vittorio Bera & Figli at Trimani (tasting at the shop and wines by the glass at the wine bar)
• Agricola Calafata at Cuoco e Camicia (wine dinner)

Friday October 28:
• Movia and Čotar at La Cantina del Cappellaio in Maccarese (tasting followed by dinner)
• Arianna Occhipinti at Roscioli’s tasting room at ex-No.Au (late afternoon tasting)
• Arianna Occhipinti at Armando al Pantheon (wine dinner)

Restaurants and wine bars selling and serving Triple “A” wines

Al Vino Al Vino
Armando al Pantheon
Asian Inn
Bibenda Wineconcept
Enoteca Bulzoni
Cuoco e Camicia
Da Cesare
Est Artgiani del Gusto
Il Sorì
La Barrique
La Cantina Del Cappellaio (Maccarese)
La Ciambella
La Mescita
L’Angolo Divino
La Mescita
Enoteca Les Vignerons (takeaway only)
Roscioli (at former No.Au space)
Trattoria Epiro

*Not a fan

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