Food of the Italian South-Inspired Anchovy Onesie Available Now

Written by Katie Parla on January 15, 2020

Guys, I have a nephew! His name is Rider, he’s 4 months old, he lives in New Jersey, and I love him. He’s cool in many ways and he’s also a model. His first gig was showing off the Food of the Italian South anchovy onesie, a piece that my sister thought up while pregnant over the summer. I spent half of 2019 hauling totes and notecards and books all over the US to promote my latest cookbook. As I was doing inventory at our mom’s house one day she said, “You should really make merch for babies. Use one of the drawings from the market tote. I’ll dress my baby in it.” The anchovy onesie was born. It’s perfect for bambini aged 3-6 months (it’s never too early to indoctrinate children into the wonderful world of salted fish). Weather permitting, the 100% cotton onesie can be worn on its own or warm it up with pants and a cardigan, as savvy Rider has chosen above. Get yours today and if you no longer wear baby clothes, there’s plenty of South Italy-inspired stuff, including a market tote and notecards designed by Pauline de Roussy de Sales and signed copies of Food of the Italian South and Tasting Rome available here!


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