Aşkana Mantı, Istanbul

Written by Katie Parla on April 16, 2013


Mantı, which are sometimes described as Turkish ravioli, are pinched dumplings filled with meat. They are a specialty of Kayseri, a city in central Anatolia near Cappadocia, and are serve slathered in garlic and yogurt, then drizzled with melted butter. If this sounds like the perfect food, it kind of is—at least when it’s done right. Aşkana Mantı in Ulus is the place in Istanbul for this dish. When visiting this humble eatery in a residential area, start with çiğ börek (fried dough filled with minced meat) and pickled peppers followed by a hearty portion of mantı. I like to sprinkle some dried mint, chili and sumac on my dumplings and dig in. No alcohol. Aşkana Mantı is located in Ulus Mah. Metehan Sok. Turkel Apt. No:1 Open: Wed-Mon 12:00-22:00.



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