Photo Credit: Be.Re.

Under normal circumstances, I don’t do reviews of places that have just opened. It’s rarely fair to the reader–or to the venue. Launching a new restaurant or bar is massively challenging and the first few months are essential to a business for working out the kinks. I’ll try a spot right after it has opened, but I generally wait a while before endorsing (or panning). In those rare cases when I think you really, really need to know about a place, I’ll make an exception. Be.Re. is one of those places.

Photo credit: Be.Re.

This craft beer pub opened in Piazza Risorgimento, just steps from the Vatican, in December. Among the owners is Manuele Colonna, one of the planet’s premier publicans. You may know him from Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà about a mile south in Trastevere. For over a decade, Colonna has been pouring and pumping fantastic brews from Europe and the US at Macche’ and has earned the adoration of beer drinkers and brewers everywhere for his devotion to and promotion of craft beer in Italy. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that we wouldn’t have such an amazing craft beer culture in Rome if Manuele didn’t help to build it.

Photo Credit: Be.Re.

At his new venture, around 20 tap beers and half a dozen cask ales are poured from a gleaming copper bar. There is also a small selection of bottled beer, including some vintage lambic. In the adjacent room, Rome’s newest branch of the popular street food chain Trapizzino serves triangular sandwiches filled with savory specialties–try the pollo alla cacciatora, a vinegar-rich, tomato-less chicken cacciatore. Drinkers can sit on the ground floor around the bar or near the Trapizzino counter or climb the steps behind Trapizzino to a small dining room offering table service and TV broadcasting sporting events. Just over a month old, Be.Re. draws crowds that spill onto the sidewalk outside, regardless of weather, attracting serious beer drinkers from all over town who can already add this brand new place to their list of stellar pubs in Rome.

Piazza Risorgimento 7A
Tel: +39 06 9442 1854
Open Daily 11am-2am