In Turkey’s Bozcaada, Wine, Wind and Sun

Written by Katie Parla on July 7, 2012

Last summer I visited the island of Bozcaada with my friend Jessica. This wine producing island off the Aegean Coast of Turkey is a 7-hour bus (with WiFi!) and ferry ride from Istanbul and a slightly shorter trip by car or plane. In spite of its proximity to Istanbul, its relative remoteness keeps Bozcaada largely unspoiled. The water is immaculate, the beaches are often desserted, and the food and wine are stellar. You can read my article about the island in this weekend’s NYT Travel section here (page 9 for subscribers). Below are a few photos I snapped during the trip.

Arriving from the mainland town of Geyikli by ferry.

Vines in Amadeus’ Vineyards.

A boarded-up house in the Turkish section of Bozcaada’s Old Town.

Homemade jams at Maya, which serves the best breakfast in Turkey (no joke!).

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