Campaign to Save Lüfer, Istanbul's Bluefish

Written by Katie Parla on April 25, 2010

Slow Food Türkiye and TÜDAV (the Turkish Marine Research Foundation) are calling on restaurants in Istanbul to save lüfer, the local bluefish. It is in serious danger of extinction, as it is being fished before it reaches full maturity (24-26 cm) and lays eggs. In Turkey, the bluefish has different names, depending on its size: çinekop (10-15 cm) and sarıkanat (15-20 cm), lüfer (20-30 cm), and kofana (over 30 cm). The campaign is urging both restaurants and diners to consider the consequences of consuming çinekop and sarıkanat.

Many of Istanbul’s most prominent food professionals have joined the fight to save lüfer. Among them are Defne Koryürek (Slow Food Türkiye), Şemsa Denizsel (Kantin), Mehmet Gürs (Mikla), Mehmet Gök (Four Seasons), and Musa Dağdeviren (Çiya). For a full listing of chefs, cooks, and food suppliers who have pledged not to serve bluefish under 24 cm in length, see this post on Slow Food Türkiye’s website.

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