A few weeks back I was walking down Via del Pellegrino and I noticed a small storefront with a simple interior filled with wooden tables and wine displayed on the walls. The place was strangely reminiscent of Lucifero on Via dei Cappelari, a favorite place of mine for a steak or fondue. I went inside to grab a business card and guarda caso, the place was called Cantina Lucifero. It is the newish venture of Lucifero’s owners, more of a wine bar than a proper restaurant with lots of cheeses and salumi for starters, a few daily pasta specials, and an assortment of cold meat second courses.

I returned to Cantina Lucifero for dinner last weekend. We started with tomino al forno covered with strips of prosciutto. There is nothing like creamy melted cheese covered with pork to get your body ready for more melted cheese. Next was fondue with white truffles from Alba. We dipped bread cubes and roasted potatoes into the thick bubbling cheese mixture. Although we were warned that we were ordering too much food, we were defiant and asked for steak tartare. The meat was the same high quality stuff you find at Lucifero, lucious, melt-in-your-mouth raw steak. It was the fitting end to a decadent meal.