24 03, 2012

Craco, Basilicata's Deserted City

2017-02-17T15:19:14+01:00March 24th, 2012|Categories: Basilicata, Culture, Travel|11 Comments

I have been pretty obsessed with Basilicata ever since my first visit there 5 years ago to update the Rough Guide to Italy. My dad and I spent a little over a week in Matera, the region’s main tourist attraction, and used the Sassi as a base to gorge on carbs research the eastern part [...]

23 03, 2012

A Thorny Family Tree Emerges in Basilicata

2017-02-17T15:19:21+01:00March 23rd, 2012|Categories: Basilicata, Culture, Mamma Parla, Travel|20 Comments

Approaching Spinosa from the east. The story of uncovering our roots begins in 1996 at my maternal grandparent’s 50th anniversary party in Princeton, NJ. Though they had already retired to Jacksonville, my grandfather threw my grandmother a surprise party up north because it was closer to most of their family and friends, who were based [...]

21 03, 2012

The Journey To Spinoso

2017-02-17T15:19:23+01:00March 21st, 2012|Categories: Basilicata, Culture, Travel|8 Comments

It has been established that I am not the world’s best navigator. I am surprisingly adept at finding my way through cities on foot, yet in a car, I am totally useless. Since Mamma Parla drives and I ride shotgun, I learn to depend heavily on Google Maps to fulfill my purpose. But since my [...]

19 03, 2012

Basilicata Bound!

2017-02-17T15:19:25+01:00March 19th, 2012|Categories: Basilicata, Culture, Travel|18 Comments

When I was growing up I thought my maternal grandmother’s family was from Naples. Indeed, they left from that port, like many thousands of southern Italian peasants, but their city of origin was far from the sea. It’s mind-boggling that so many Italian-American families know so litte about their ancestry, but considering the […]

29 05, 2010

Lucanerie and an Unnecessary Race Against The Clock

2017-02-14T15:26:55+01:00May 29th, 2010|Categories: Basilicata, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Meat, Pork, Restaurants, Sweets & Dessert|0 Comments

UPDATE: Le Lucanerie has closed but thankfully owner Francesco Abbondanza has opened L’Abbondanza Lucana (via Bruno Buozzi, 11 – tel. +390835334574) near the Duomo. Expect the same stellar regional cuisine as Le Lucanerie. Yesterday I took the bus from Rome to Matera. Well, two buses, actually. Somewhere on the Campania-Puglia border, the first bus stopped [...]

15 03, 2010

Published in Southern Flourish Magazine

2016-01-07T03:42:00+01:00March 15th, 2010|Categories: Basilicata, Culture, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Naples & Campania, Puglia, Sicily|0 Comments

Today, the premier issue of Southern Flourish Magazine, a digital publication all about life and culture in the American South, went live. When the editor asked me to contribute a piece about the Italian south, I naturally wrote about eating […]