UPDATE: I NO LONGER ENDORSE CIURI CIURI. Since it opened in March 2007, I have cursed Ciuri Ciuri, a Sicilian gelateria-pasticceria-rosticceria in Rome’s Monti district, on a daily basis. I am utterly unable to walk past the place without getting a little something–cassata, cannolo, granita, or gelato. Thankfully, there are miniature versions of all these classics. The trouble is, I live a block away from Ciuri Ciuri, I pass it 4 times a day, and those mini cannoli add up!

At Ciuri Ciuri, the fresh, seasonal ingredients that go into their desserts produce very high quality-and high calorie-results. Sugar is a protagonist in Sicilian desserts, which tend to be sweeter than their mainland counterparts. In many of them, including cassata siciliana, cioccolato di Modica, and pasticini di mandorla, the sugar grains are still intact, too abundant to dissolve entirely, giving a distinctive texture to these sweets. Aside from sugar, Sicilian pastries typically feature almonds, ground into a paste for cookies or coarsely chopped for granite, or ricotta, the main ingredient in the cannolo and the cassata. While I am totally unable to control my sweet tooth, as long as this place is around, I will never be protein or calcium deficient!

Via Leonina 18/19/20
Open daily 9am-midnight

NB There is a second Ciuri Ciuri on Via Labicana 126 in Rome and yet another in the historic center of Trapani.