La Capra Rampante, An Organic Locavore Market in Rome

Written by Katie Parla on September 26, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for the Rome Marathon. I have returned to training after two years of on-again-off-again exercise and it quickly became clear that my body doesn’t recover from exertion quite as quickly as it used to. It probably doesn’t help that I eat and drink at a pace that would make R.W. Apple, Jr. blush. I’ve consulted with a trainer about how to get back in shape without sacrificing my professional eating career. Abstaining from restaurant meals is out of the question, but on the nights that I am home, I have to cook and eat lean meats and veggies. And I have to eat a healthy breakfast. Apparently, as my trainer Coach G informed me, a kilo of pasta at 11pm and a meter of pizza bianca every morning isn’t a very good diet.

The first step to cooking and eating at home is, logically, buying groceries. I guess it was about time to give all that booze in my half-empty fridge some company. Though I rarely shop, I am pretty particular about the kind of food I do buy (it has to be natural, organic, seasonal, and sustainable); a corporate supermarket is definitely out of the questions. So I pedaled up to Via Donatello in the Flaminio district for some shopping at La Capra Rampante. This is the kind of supermarket every neighborhood should be so lucky to have.

The market, which describes itself as “slow, organic and locavore”, is divided into two spaces. In the back, seasonal produce fills the center aisle, around which biodynamic cheeses, organic cereals, meats and natural wines are displayed on shelves. In the adjacent room, natural detergents and cleansers, as well as juices, baking ingredients, pastas, dried fruits, and baby food are sold. The majority of the products in both sections come from small producers.

I stocked up on groceries (as much as I could balance on my bike) and cycled home to deliver companions to the IPA, white wine, and raki. The excursion will no doubt be a regular one, as La Capra Rampante is a one-stop-shop for those in search of natural food. It is a supermarket with a conscience.

La Capra Rampante
Via Donatello 65
Open Monday-Saturday

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