Well, it’s official. The nearly century-old Mercato di Testaccio in Piazza Testaccio has closed. The Nuovo Mercato Testaccio on Via Galvani has opened. I’m sad in spite of the characteristically long period of time it took to open the place. I should have come to terms with it all by now. There was even a false alarm last month, which provided even more coping time.

The new place may not be pretty (understatement), and many vendors, including the awesomely dour Carmelo d’Agostino may not have moved to the new space, but not everything at the new market is awful. My friend Gina Tringali reports that you can eat tripe (stomach) sandwiches at like 9am. That’s amazing. 00100 doesn’t even start serving gut-stuffed-trapizzini until at least 12:30pm! Read Gina’s enlightening report here.