On The Road: Two Weeks in Basque Country

Written by Katie Parla on June 27, 2011

Mamma Parla dancing with the locals in Parque de la Florida, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Last month, I polled Parla Food readers to see where I should travel and eat for two weeks. After a week of voting, Basque Country came out on top and now here I am in Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of the region and home to the Basque Parliament. I have a hotel booked here for one night, but the rest of the itinerary is completely up in the air. I would love to hear your suggestions for places to go, things to eat, markets to frequent, and people to meet as I make my way through northeastern Spain and southwestern France. What out of the way village should I visit? What obscure food should I make sure to eat? Where are the most traditional pintxos? And the most creative? Feel free to leave a comment here, on the Parla Food Facebook page, or reach out to me on twitter (@katieparla). I will also be posting regularly to Facebook and twitter so you can follow the journey.

I am thrilled to announce that I will have an amazing travel companion: Mamma Parla. She keeps referring to herself as my intern, but I think co-investor or pork-addict-in-crime are more appropriate titles. And if we are very lucky, she will agree to write a guest post, in which case she will be a bonafide co-author!

I look forward to all your input and sharing the results!

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