Pizzeria Tonda Opens in Montesacro, Rome

Written by Katie Parla on July 21, 2011

Pizza margherita.

It was only published a week ago, but my list for The Guardian of “10 of the best pizza places in Rome” is already out of date. Last week, a new pizzeria called Tonda opened on Via Valle Corteno, just off the Via Nomentana. Tonda is the work of Stefano Callegari and Antonio Pratticò of Sforno and 00100 fame. For anyone who follows my carbohydrate intake, it comes as no surprise that I cycled out to Tonda the first chance I got. My friend Jessica joined me and we had quite a delightful meal.

Cacio e pepe pizza.

Tonda combines elements of Sforno and 00100. For example, there are trapizzini as you would find at 00100, and the famous Greenwich (mozzarella, stilton, and port reduction) and cacio e pepe (pecorino and black pepper) pies that you find at Sforno. There is an ample selection of fritti, including what must be Rome’s best fiori di zucca.

Hand crafted brick oven.

The brick oven is a hand crafted, wood burning, Neapolitan creation of the inimitable Stefano Ferrara. Surely the oven will get better with time, as they tend to do, and considering the excellent pizzas that were turned out tonight, Tonda may soon give Sforno a run for its money.

Getting there is super easy. Just take the 60, 84, or 90 bus from the center, or hop on the train to Stazione Nomentana.

Special thanks to Jessica Stewart for her beautiful photos.

Via Valle Corteno 31, Montesacro

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