The London Marathon

Written by Katie Parla on January 30, 2011

Dinner at Mien Tay, London
Fried tofu at Mien Tay in Battersea.

If you’ve been following me on twitter, you already know that I am in London, where I have already eaten an unsettling amount of food in quite a short time. Even under normal circumstances, I can’t help but take advantage of London’s culinary bounty. But this trip is different. My boyfriend is leaving London, so we won’t be back here much this year. Accordingly, I feel the terrible and unrelenting pressure to eat as much as I can while I am here so that when I return to Rome, I have (at least temporarily) satisfied my hunger for the cuisines of the world, steaks, burgers, fine British blue cheese, flat whites, and all the affordable fine dining (gotta love those competitive lunch menus!) London has to offer. Over the next few weeks, you can follow my the deterioration of my coronary health as I eat my way across London in this last hurrah! And if you dare, count my calories by checking out some pics on Facebook here.

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