/Trabissino allo zighini' at 00100

Trabissino allo zighini' at 00100

What is the cucina romana? Is it a set of native dishes untouched by time, or a conglomeration of outside influences made with local ingredients? I think everyone can agree it is the latter. After all, if Rome’s dishes were not permitted to evolve from their primitive state, we would have no pepper with our cacio, no tomato in our bucatini all’amatriciana, and certainly no cocoa on our coda! I would also argue that the dishes of Ethiopia and Eritrea, or at least their incarnations in Rome, can now be added to the Roman cannon due to their decades of presence in Rome. At 00100 in Testaccio, they seem to agree.

Their trabissino allo zighini’ is a triangle of spongy pizza bianca slit open and filled with a rich East African meat stew. The name trabissino is a play on words, mixing the word Abyssina (abissino in Italian) and trapizzino. The latter is the word created to describe 00100’s Roman street food invention. That word, in turn combines the words pizza and tramezzino, a word, which, in turn, was invented by Gabriele D’Annunzio). Apparently a trip to 00100 is an exercise in both gastronomy and semiotics. Street food never tasted so smart.

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  1. Gabriella March 23, 2011 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    We just went to 00100 yesterday,again. That place is absolutely delicious, I wasn’t a big fan of suppli…then I tried their broccoli and pecorino suppli, right out of the oven. Oh my. Then we had to try the arrabbiata suppli and one thing led to another. I want to go there everyday.

    I think they changed their name, but maybe their sign, which now says “tramezzini 00100.”

    Thanks for sending me there, truly,

  2. David NYC March 24, 2011 at 12:09 am - Reply

    My family and I ate lunch at 0100 yesterday based on your recommendation, during our five-day stay in Rome. After much discussion and debate with our 10-year-old daughter and our 7-year-old son, we decided that it is literally our favorite food in Rome. The Trabissino — which I ordered (with difficulty given my complete lack of Italian and the friendly counter-woman’s complete lack of English) after I saw someone else eating one — was absolutely spectacular. So spectacular that I ate two large Trabissino by myself, and my wife, daughter and mother finished off four more! The pizza was also excellent. We only wish that they would open a New York City branch; there’s nothing like it in NYC. Thanks Katie for the consistently reliable recommendations (Pizzarium was also delicious, as were Da Danilo and Roscioli).

  3. minks77 December 27, 2012 at 2:58 pm - Reply

    Just got back and wow. Had a “normale” Trapezzini Coda alla Vaccinara and loved it. Also had a suppli classico which was great. I got there just before noon on a Thursday and was the only customer there for the most part. The Suppli was pipng hot, mozza was beautifully melted inside (unlike many other places where it’s a cold solid chunk in the middle, bleh!) with just the right amount of beef. The main course was fantastic. Probably the best Oxtail sandwhich I’ve ever had, smothered in a wonderful tomato sauce. MMMMMM. My new lunch spot and it’s just 10 minutes away!

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