Where to Eat and Drink in New Orleans

Written by Katie Parla on April 1, 2014

Tis the season!

Sazeracs, hot sauce, and bread stuffed with fried things are pretty much all I need to survive, which is why I love New Orleans. There are lots of other reasons The Crescent City has captured my affection. Logically these are also food and cocktail related. During a recent trip down for Mardi Gras, I visited some old favorites and found some new ones. Here’s where I love to eat and drink in New Orleans.

paschals manale nola

Of course there are the institutions no visitor should miss, like Commander’s Palace, Pascal’s Manale (go to the dining room for the BBQ shrimp or stand in the bar and slurp oysters shucked to order) and Casamento’s (grab some bivalves at the bar).

Dat Dog Nola

But there are also quirky newcomers like Dat Dog, which serves gator, pork, and even veggie links. The place is fun, the dogs are decadent and it’s so satisfying I went twice (once to each location) in two days. The cheddar cheese bacon ranch fries are worth a trip on their own and there’s a ton of craft beer to wash it all down.


And it would be silly to go all the way to NOLA and not eat your weight in po-boys. Guy’s (GET “THE BOMB”) and Liuzza’s by the Track are personal favorites.


Vietnamese food should be on every visitor’s agenda. I like Nine Roses on the west bank, but there are a number of newcomers to look out for.


And there are few places in the world with a better cocktail scene, which is well documented by local expert Wayne Curtis. This piece he wrote for Imbibe Magazine offers a good round-up of iconic bars, as well as some newer arrivals like the very awesome Cure.

To stay up to date on what’s new, follow Times-Picayune Restaurant Critic Brett Anderson’s articles and Tweets. And check out my (not at all geeky) Google map below for a full round up of my favorite spots.

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