Giveaway! Win Brooks Headley’s “Fancy Desserts”

Written by Katie Parla on November 23, 2014

brooks headleys fancy dessertd

I’m totally hooked on Brooks Headley’s desserts. The cookies, cakes and frozen treats he and his team make in Del Posto’s award winning kitchen are rooted in flavor and texture clashes that achieve a beautiful harmony through their contradiction. Like Brooks, they are endearingly unconventional and completely without pretension.

I eat my way through the entire Del Posto dessert menu every chance I get so I cannot even begin to describe how joyous/surprised/unworthy I felt when Brooks asked me to contribute to his cookbook Fancy Desserts, which came out last month. Part earnest memoir, part essay series, part anything-but-fancy-cookbook, Fancy Desserts is the hilarious journey of a dead broke punk rock drummer turned New York pastry royalty. It’s a seriously fun read and I want to spread the love by giving 3 lucky readers a copy of this entertaining and instructional tome. Contest ends Friday November 28 at midnight!

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