Cazzimperio Meets Co.’s Anchovy Mousse

Written by Katie Parla on April 11, 2016


Last week at the Tasting Rome book party at Co., master baker Jim Lahey‘s pizzeria in Chelsea, chef Mark Barbire served dishes from and inspired by the cookbook. The tongue with green sauce was amazing and the pizzas were delectable, but one item really stole the show: the anchovy mousse served with heirloom carrots and radishes. This was Mark’s riff on cazzimperio (also known as pinzimonio; page 45): crudités dipped in seasoned extra virgin olive oil. It’s a simple, clean celebration of seasonal produce. I have grown so fond of it in Rome that I never missed the creamy dips of my native America. And then I met Mark’s anchovy mousse, which he served with gorgeous produce from the Union Square Green Market, and everything changed. He was kind enough to share his recipe, which I know will make more than a few partygoers happy:

Mark Barbire’s Anchovy Mousse

60 grams* Anchovy paste
120 grams Shallots (Peeled and cut in half)
110 grams Lemon juice
4 grams Salt
300 grams olive oil

Combine the anchovy paste, shallots, lemon juice, and salt in a Vita-Prep or blender. Gradually add the olive oil and blend until smooth.

Serve with carrots, romaine hearts (leaves separated), radishes, and fennel bulbs (thickly sliced).

*I’m sticking with grams here, guys. Cool?

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