Parla Food and Porsena Bring Rome to NYC & Food to Hungry New Yorkers

Written by Katie Parla on October 9, 2011

Tonight thirty-one diners from all corners of the Tri-State area gathered in Porsena’s dining room to indulge in a Rome-inspired meal prepared by Chef Sara Jenkins. I curated this seven-course feast, which included Roman classics such as pasta e ceci, pasta alla gricia, and pangiallo. It was thrilling to have such an amazing turn out and it was a true honor to count The Naughty Housewife, The Kitchen NYC, Laissez Fare, and Gourmet Getaways among the guests. But the most moving thing was to see friends, family, and (until just hours ago) strangers gather around the table to support City Harvest, a NYC-based food charity. We raised $620 for this vital organization that feeds 300,000 hungry New Yorkers every week. If you would like to support City Harvest, please consider donating. You can do so directly on their website. For a mere $36 you will help feed 19 children for a whole week.

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