Pizzarium is New and Improved

Written by Katie Parla on April 13, 2015


Last month, Pizzarium, Gabriele Bonci’s landmark pizza by the slice place, closed for a shockingly brief renovation. In a matter of a couple of weeks, the popular hole-in-the-wall expanded into the neighboring space (a recently shuttered barber shop), doubling Pizzarium’s size. While the previous incarnations of Pizzarium were plagued by crowding and chaotic queues, the new version is (obviously) larger an decidedly more orderly. Rather than forming a messy line, visitors can take a numbered ticket and wait for their turn to be called.

The long case where pizzas are displayed still has the classics like pizza rossa and pizza with mozzarella and potatoes. But now with more space, there are even more specialty pies like speck and asparagus with fava purée or ricotta with borage flowers. These tend to be pricey by local standards and the more toppings, the more you’ll pay, so if you’re on a budget, stick to sparsely topped slices. These tend to be the most delicious of Bonci’s creative concoctions anyhow.

Pizzarium is open Monday to Saturday from 11am until 10pm and Sundays from 12-4pm and 6-10pm.

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