Rome's Sweet Carnival Treats

Written by Katie Parla on January 24, 2011

Italian cities like Viareggio, Putignano, and Venice have lively and ancient Carnival traditions. While most of Rome’s rituals have disappeared (and thankfully so!), the city still manifests the holiday in its bakeries. Carnival treats are amazing, magical, wonderful, and often fried. This is the time of year when bakeries sell frappe (called chiacchiere, bugie, sfrappole, or galàni elsewhere in Italy) and castagnole (fried dough about the size of chestnuts). I wait all year for these sugar dusted treats and take advantage of the short window in which they are sold. Some of my favorite places to buy these typical Roman Carnival sweets are La Deliziosa (Vicolo Savelli, 50), Roscioli (Via Chiavari 34), and Biscottificio Innocenti (Via della Luce 21).

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