Spotlight on Lazio Charity Benefit

Written by Katie Parla on October 17, 2011

In spite of Saturday’s tragic events, 35 people gathered in Il Bacocco in Trastevere to celebrate Lazio’s enogastronomic bounty. I co-hosted this food and wine tasting with Hande Leimer of Vino Roma and we are so appreciative of everyone’s participation. We raised €250 for A Chi Serve, a brand new food rescue charity in Rome.

Some participants risked serious danger to be there; Irene De Vette, Walks of Italy, and Revealed Rome faced burning vehicles and a smoldering Defence Ministry annex to make it. Wired2theWorld, Moscerina, Rome the Second Time, and NYC/Caribbean Ragazza were also in attendance, as well as many old and new friends.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Vincenzo Mancino of DOL-Di Origine Laziale (if you haven’t been to his alimentari specializing in products from Lazio, go asap). He generously donated cheese and cured meats for the event. Some people asked for a round-up of items. Here they are: we tasted capocollo, lonzino, and two types of prosciutto. The cheeses were caciotta di capra (a goat cheese from Viterbo), caciocchiato (made from the milk of high-altitude grazing cows), and re tondo (a bufalo milk cheese with a thin white crust). Since DOL mainly sources from small producers, you’ve got to go there to find the same products!

Hande did a brilliant job presenting the wines and Massimo and his team at Il Bacocco did a stellar job serving them. We drank Marco Carpineti’s “Capolemole” Cori Bianco and L’Olivella’s “Quaranta/Sesanta” Rosso Lazio IGT.

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