Stockton Market Features Local Purveyors and Artisans

Written by Katie Parla on January 9, 2012

My native Garden State, as its name would suggest, is known for its exceptional produce. But farmers’ markets across the state have become important venues for purveyors and artisans to showcase other edible offerings. I paid a visit to the stunning Stockton Market with the family last week and, while there was obviously lots of winter produce for sale, the majority of the vendors sold cheese, meats, honeys, and other local foods. New Jersey products were joined by others from just across the river in Pennsylvania.

The venue of the market is a large storefront on Bridge Street in historic Stockton, a quaint town wedged between the Delaware River and horse country. The market is indoors and is held year-round. At the entrance, Warren May’s The Coffe Scoop sells home-roasted certified organic fair trade coffee and beans. Opposite his stand were baskets of locally cultivated produce, mainly root vegetables, including multicolor varieties of carrots and potatoes.

A bit deeper in, chef Matthew Ridgeway PorcSalt sold his home-made French and Italian-style charcuterie including the elusive guanciale, and essential ingredient for amatriciana, gricia, and carbonara. Ridgeway’s meat is sourced primarily from small, family run, sustainable farms and co-ops in Pennsylvania.

Towards the back of the market, Bobolink Dariy sells exceptional cheeses (you may have encountered them previously at the Union Square Greenmarket). Their mixed-breed grass-fed cows spend 365 days a year outside and are well cared for. Happy cows make great cheese and this place is proof. They also sell amazing breads and focaccias.

We wrapped up our visit with a trip to Mighty Quinns. I’ve been going on about this place for a month now, having first encountered Hugh Mangum’s BBQ stand at the closing engagement of the New Amsterdam Market then again the following week at the Brooklyn Flea. We had brisket and porchetta and now both of my parents are hooked on Mighty Quinn’s, too. Papa Parla went back yesterday for round two.

The Stockton Farmers Market is located at 19 Bridge Street in Stockton, NJ (directions). It is open Friday from 3-7pm, Saturday from 9am-4pm, and Sunday from 10am-4pm. You can find a full list of vendors on the market website.

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