/Il Pagliaccio's Goat Sweetbreads & Fava Beans

Il Pagliaccio's Goat Sweetbreads & Fava Beans

Organ meats need not be relegated to rustic restaurants specializing in peasant cuisine or posh places capitalizing on a trend. They can be effortlessly interwoven into even the most elegant of menus, as Anthony Genovese has done at Il Pagliaccio. His capretto con datteri e fave consists of six cuts of kid, including finely chopped sweetbreads wrapped in grape leaves, grilled, and served on a bed of fresh fava beans. Goat glands never had it so good.

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  1. […] con fave e datteri (€45), six preparations of kid, including börek, chops, a kidney, and sweetbreads grilled in grape leaves. Each was delicate and tender. A date paste provided a sweet accompaniment to the meats. The […]

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