If I had to pick a favorite food, it would be pizza. In Italy, I indulge daily in pizza al taglio, focaccia barese, or la vera pizza napoletana on a daily basis. When in Turkey, I turn to a much lighter alternative, lahmacun. This “Turkish pizza” is a flat bread topped with minced lamb meat and spices. It reaches its full potential at Halil in Kadıköy on Istanbul’s Anatolian shore. Crispy dinner plate sized disks emerge in continuation from the pizza oven and are delivered to the counter inside or tables on the street with a bit of lemon and parsley. Squeeze, garnish, roll up your lahmacun and for 2.25 YTL (€1.50) you’ve got yourself a tasty snack.

Halil Lahmacun
Güneşlibahçe Sokak 26/A