Le Mani in Pasta with Gabriele Bonci

Written by Katie Parla on January 21, 2011

Gabriele Bonci is one of Rome’s most famous and influential bakers (though he himself would tell you that it is his maestro Franco Palermo who really counts). Bonci’s Pizzarium is among the city’s premier boutique pizzerias, selling pizza al taglio from a small storefront next to the Cipro Metro stop. Yesterday I sat down with Bonci and his friend and flour hook up Fulvio Marino for a chat about the pizza craft, ingredients, and the state of food in Rome, which I will recount in a future post. A few hours later, I attended the first of a two-day pizza course led by Bonci at Tricolore in Monti. You can check out some photos here. Stay tuned for more from tonight’s class. Though Bonci’s bread and pizza classes at Tricolore are sold out for Feburary, you can still get in on his March classes. Visit the Tricolore website for details. For a really nice account of the class in Italian (with a recipe), check out Kitty’s Kitchen.

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