Mam i Teca, Eating Local in Barcelona

Written by Katie Parla on August 6, 2011

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

A few weeks ago, after a glorious road trip through Basque Country, Mamma Parla and I stopped in Barcelona for a couple of days. Our objective was to discover restaurants, markets, and shops specializing in locally sourced ingredients. At Mam i Teca we hit the jackpot. Alfons Bach’s casual and unpretentious eatery serves delectable local dishes in a single dining room on Carrer de la Lluna in the Raval quarter. We started with an assortment of small plates, including serrano ham, which was beautifully marbled and possessed a richly nutty flavor.


Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

We also had two cold dishes that consisted of tuna, anchoives, and bits of salt cod. One was a variation on Mamma Parla’s famous summer salad of white beans, chopped tomatoes and onion, and high quality canned tuna.

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

These were followed by eggs with little local shrimp and asparagus tips. The eggs were fluffy and buttery, the shrimp were sweet and the asparagus brought a delicate bitterness and crunchy texture.

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

Local mushrooms with peppers and asparagus were a seasonal delicacy worth a flight.

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

Ribs with blood sausage and chickpeas were heavily seasoned with coarse black pepper. The ribs fell off the bone, the blood sausage disolved into a savory liquid on the tongue, and the chickpeas were firm and earthy.

Lunch at Mam i Teca, Barcelona

We paired the meal with Almogaver, a craft beer made in Barcelona.

Mam i Teca’s fresh, seasonal ingredients and Alfonso Bach’s thoughtfully preparation put this restaurant high on the list of Barcelona’s gastronomic destinations.

Carrer de la Lluna, 4
08001 Barcelona, Spain
934 413 335

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