Best of 2009

Written by Katie Parla on December 31, 2009


This past year has been full of great meals and food that is very bad for me. Here are some of the things I enjoyed eating in 2009:

Best Pizza
Ai Marmi (Rome)
I Decumani (Naples)
Li Rioni (Rome)

Best Lahmacun
Halil (Istanbul)
Köşebaşı Fındık Lahmacun (Istanbul)

Best Poultry
Piccione alla Licarda (Il Frantoio di Giulia in Montecchio, Umbria)
Hebert’s Turducken (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Random rotisserie chicken bought on the side of the road (Vieques, Puerto Rico)

Best Offal
Augustarello (Rome)
Momofuku Ssam Bar (NYC)
St John (London)

Best Pizza by the Slice
00100 (Rome)
Roscioli (Rome)
Forno Campo de’ Fiori (Rome)

Best Wine List
Terrior (NYC)
Casa Bleve (Rome)
Hearth (NYC)

Best Steak (Raw or Cooked)
Cantina Lucifero (Rome)
Bourbon Steak (Washington, DC)
All’Antico Ristoro di Cambi (Florence)

Best Dessert
Setteveli at Massaro (Palermo)
Panacea at Fata Morgana (Rome)
Cremolose at Il Chiosco delle Cremolose (Palermo)
Patlican tatlısı at Ciya (Istanbul)

Best Pork Product or Dish
Wild Boar Sausage from Salumeria Biellese (NYC)
Watermelon and Pork Belly Salad at Fatty Crab (NYC)
Mamma Parla’s Split Pea and Ham Soup (NJ)

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